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Internal auditors once focused on evaluating compliance with an organization’s policies and procedures. Today, internal auditors do much more, from identifying risks to developing risk management protocols and analyzing processes in search of greater efficiencies. These added demands are a result of the transformation of the workplace from paper-based to digital, ever-increasing regulations and the speed at which business changes. Now more than ever, organizations need to make certain their internal processes are adequately and efficiently addressing these challenges and reducing risk.

We have extensive experience in administering and conducting “first party” internal audits on behalf of an organization and its ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

One of the major requirements of an ISO 9001 Quality Management System is conducting internal audits. The internal audit serves as a self-assessment of the system effectiveness and employee’s conformance to it.

Our Certified Quality Auditors can prevent the need to have a staff of part time internal auditors that would prefer focusing on their primary job duties. Our Certified Quality Auditors provide the level of expertise, professionalism, and diplomacy needed for effective internal audits. Your organization gains a high quality level of audits that will add real value to your quality management system.

Many clients utilize our internal auditing services to:
• Gain benefits of professional auditors
• Reduce internal auditing training and logistical costs
• Allow employees to focus on their core job
• Avoid internal political issues that may arise due to internal departments cross-auditing

Benefits to be gained from internal auditing:
• Meet requirements of ISO 9001
• Ensure system is effectively implemented
• Identification of opportunities for improvement

The phases that make up the typical audit entails the following steps:
• Documentation review
• Development of audit checklist based upon your company's quality management system
• Kick-off meeting
• Familiarity tour of operations
• Employee interviews
• Detailed worksite observations
• Providing assistance to employees at the point of audit
• Analysis of data
• Issue of final report
• Close-out meeting

Who can benefit?
• Organizations seeking a cost-effective alternative to hiring, training and retaining internal auditors
• Organizations seeking the expertise and objectivity of outside consultants

Few Benefits of Outsourcing the Internal Audit:
• As the price of qualified candidates continues to rise, the cost of hiring,
retaining and training experienced internal auditors escalates.
• Synergy Solution‘s Professionals who perform internal audit function are highly trained
and experienced 3rd party auditors and consultants.
• Outsourcing can provide a “fresh look” at your processes, which may help your Organization
to operate more efficiently.

How it works for you?

Our commitments:

• We will conduct the Internal Audits on behalf of your organization.
• Our audit process is identical to 3rd Party Certification Body Audits.
• We will recommend appropriate corrective actions for each observation.
• We will prepare action plan for your implementation.
• We will be present during your 3rd party external audits to assist you.

Optional services you can choose:

• Conduct training for your staff based on the audit findings.
• Revising & updating your existing Manual, Procedures etc.
• Periodic awareness training based on your business process combined with standard requirements.
• Customer Satisfaction survey for your customers as a 3rd party.
• Audit your suppliers / vendors for you to ensure they can meet your specified requirement.

Value we can add:

• Assist you to prepare Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental (QHSE) Plans.
• Recommend you latest business solutions / standards / best practices to enhance your business process.
• Assist you to participate in various Quality Awards & functions.
• Always reachable to answer your Management System queries and concerns.

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Written materials alone don't accomplish health and safety on the job. Work areas should be inspected on an ongoing basis so that supervisors and employees know that the company has made a commitment to safety that is being monitored and enforced. We will conduct safety compliance assessments for corporate facilities / Manufacturing / Servicing or construction sites. This assessment will include several investigative efforts including workers compensation document analysis, on-site inspection, interviews with on-site staff, and a review of corporate operations and compliance documents.

Once the physical location assessment is conducted a follow-up report is generated identifying each observed violation or potential violation, appropriate Standard, Regulation or Section of the Act violated and suggested solutions.

Safety and Health Audit Service is comprised of two distinct parts or activities:

1.) A comprehensive review of the client's safety and health program, and
2.) A physical inspection of the client's work environment.

The performance-engineered program audit report is broken down into specific categories noting areas currently needing improvement within the Safety and Health program.

• We conduct a comprehensive, OSHA-type physical inspection of the client's work
environment best suited for the operations at hand.

• Prior to the actual inspection, an opening conference is held with representatives
selected by the client to explain the nature and scope of the inspection.

• Upon completion of the inspection, a conference is held with the facility representatives
to discuss the preliminary findings, and to provide on-site recommendations for
mitigation of identified hazards which need immediate attention.

Following completion of the comprehensive inspection, a detailed report is produced. The detailed report of Safety and Health deficiencies lists each deficiency by description, its location, the specific standard violated and, the recommended corrective action.

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How do your customers view your organization? How satisfied are they? How far does their loyalty extend? How aware are they of your products and services? The Customer Satisfaction Audit gives you the answers to these questions by providing a look at your organization through the eyes of customers.

The CSA-Customer Satisfaction Audit is a survey of your customers, administered via telephone, mail, in-person, or electronically. An overall customer satisfaction Report Card is obtained through the CSA, which identifies hot buttons and leverage points that you can use to improve the satisfaction of your customers.

The results of these surveys are aggregated annually, and a trend line is established that provides an in-depth look at satisfaction - including an ongoing identification of hot buttons and an ongoing evaluation of the effect of changes in service delivery. Synergy Solutions guarantees a clear, objective view through quality project design, professional administration, and respondent anonymity.

Our Alert Program guarantees that you will have the chance to correct customer problems and respond to their requests immediately. Our consultants are trained to recognize the signs of dissatisfaction or sales opportunities, which are immediately referred to you for intervention and customer retention.

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The ISO 9001 standard requires that an organization has a Management Representative to monitor business processes, report issues to Top Management, and continually promote the system to increase awareness.

Synergy Solutions can serve as your organization’s Management Representative and oversee and administer the day-to-day design, development, implementation, and continual improvement of your organization’s Quality Management System.

Synergy Solutions have experienced Quality Managers and Auditors with vast experience and education that can either assist your existing Quality Management Team or offer Turn-Key services to manage your organization's Quality Management System.

By allowing our team to manage your system, your organization is able to take advantage of the latest industry and quality management strategies to ensure your QMS remains cutting edge.

Some of the main benefits of our Turn-Key services include:
• Economies of scale
• Lower overhead costs
• Variable cost Vs. fixed cost
• Reduce certification & implementation cycle
• Allows your organization to focus on revenue generating core competencies
• More advanced system due to experienced professionals
• Host of free continual support services

Outsourcing Service Include:
• Quality System development
• Quality System implementation and on-going training to staff
• Registrar selection for certification
• Managing the Registrar relationship
• Scheduled internal first party audits
• Subcontractor & Key Vendor Evaluations
• Management Reviews
• Customer Complaint Management
• Customer Satisfaction Surveys
• Ongoing support services to address issues

Certification Maintenance
Your organization has invested a substantial amount of time and money and has accomplished ISO 9001 certification! Congratulations on your accomplishment! The certification has made you more marketable and hopefully is assisting your organization in generating more revenues and reducing costs.

Now, the focus is on maintaining that level of service and certification. Once your organization becomes certified it must be renewed every 3 years by a Registrar. There could also be substantial costs involved in interim audits by the Registrar if the system is not functioning properly. If the Registrar's final conclusion is that your system is not functioning properly, they have the power to withdraw your certification. This would be a tremendous blow to the momentum and effort your organization has gained.

We can assist you in maintaining your ISO certification.

There are 3 main reasons organizations lose their certification:
• Poor system implementation
• Poor Internal Audits and corrective actions
• Poor Management Reviews

We will continually monitor your system based upon the requirements of ISO 9001 and your organization's specific quality management system.

We will conduct planned Management Reviews to discuss:
• Findings from audits
• Customer feedback
• Process performance
• Preventive and corrective actions
• Recommended changes and recommendations for the continual improvement of the system.

We will work with your organization to implement necessary strategies to address any system deficiencies. We become part of your team with the primary goal of ensuring your organization maintains its certification and achieves the return on their investments.

For further information please call our representative on (+965) 99529846 or email

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