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On-job Training & Workshops in Middle East & Overseas

Providing continuous trainings to the employees help any management to remain successful in achieving the bottom-line of your business.

It is important that the staff at all levels have the necessary tools to enable them to identify, learn and practice for a successful careers and make their organization successful, our trainings are focused on enabling organizations work force capable of handling their job effectively.

• Audit Report Writing • Managing Stress & Pressure at work
• Managerial Skills • Negotiations Skills
• Safety & Loss Prevention • Planning Skills
• Business Process Re-Engineering • Project Risk Management
• Cash Flow Analysis • Root Cause Analysis
• Communication and Interactive Skills • Process Mapping
• Construction Safety • Six Sigma – Awareness, Green Belt, Black Belt
• Customer Satisfaction • Time Management
• Dealing with Change • Supervisory Skills
• Defensive driving • Ware House Operations
• Management Techniques – For New Managers • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
• Effective Purchasing & Supplier Selection • Kaizen Techniques & Effective Implementation
• Environment Impact Assessment • Mistake Proofing
• Executive Secretary • Lead Auditor Courses
• Finance for Non-Finance Manager • Balance Scorecard
• First Aid • Corporate Social Responsibility
• Improving Employee Performance • Woman Leadership
• Incident & Accident Investigation • Vendor Management
• Internal Auditor – ISO Systems • Value Engineering
• ISO 9001:2008 Awareness & Implementation • The four roles of Leadership
• ISO14001 Awareness & Implementation • Accident Incident Reporting &Analyzing
• ISO 18001 Awareness & Implementation • Network Security &Firewalls
• ISO 27000 Awareness & Implementation

Much more… Contact us for specialized / Tailor made training & Seminars for your organization.

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Soft skills focuses on those elements of training that require changes in behavior and thinking. Organizations today recognize the strong relationship between the soft skills of their employees and effective customer relationships.

• Communication Skills
• Team Building
• Positive Attitude
• Time Management
• Stress Management
• Personal Effectiveness
• Problem Solving
• Conflict Resolution

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On-job Training & Workshops in Middle East & Overseas

On the Job training:

As the name suggests, on the job training, is training provided during the regular performance of duties. This can take a variety of forms including:

•The employee being guided through a task or process by a colleague or supervisor, so that the employee knows how to perform the task and to what standard.

•Shadowing, spending time with an expert so that the employee can observe how the expert performs their daily duties.

•Observations, the employee is observed whilst they perform their duties. At the end of the observation, the observer will provide the employee with feedback on their performance.

•Coaching, the employee will learn new skills (not knowledge) and have the opportunity to practice the skills with the coach before using the skills in the workplace. An effective coach will review the employee’s performance to ensure that the employee uses the newly learnt skills until they become habit.

•Mentoring, the employee is partnered with an experienced employee so that they can discuss performance.

We will identify suitable industry and organization for you to train your selected employee on-job in Kuwait, Middle East and overseas. On-job training received from a reputed organization helps your trained employees to deliver the best practices and competencies they learned from on-job training and workshops.

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Integrated Management System Awareness Seminar at Hilton Mangaf on 25th April 2012.

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